How to Use Your App Demo Video or Trailer?

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Whether you chose to make a homemade promo video or did an app video with us (or someone else), you have to make sure that the time, effort and money you put into it are going to be worth it. Here are a few ways you can use it for your app marketing.

The basic idea behind using your app demo video or the trailer for your app is that it’s much easier to get someone to pay attention and get him interested in your app than it is with a press release or a link to your app page or website. In a one minute video (if well done), your contact has a good idea of what the app does and if he wants or not to know more about it.

You can do that either before or after your app launch. Good news is, most journalists or blog reviewers seem to be ready to spend a minute watching an app video.

Video platforms

You have a video, now it’s time to let the world see it! Upload it to all the major video platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion,etc. Include a convincing pitch in the description and a link to your website and/or to your app download pages.

App page (Android app only)

Unfortunately, at this time it’s impossible to include your app video on your Apple App Store page. But Google Play allows you to add a video to your description, so don’t hesitate!

App Website

As soon as you have made it (before your app launch if possible), put your great-looking app promo video on your app website for everyone to see. It will give you credibility and will help you convince visitors to download your app.


In your email body

When redacting an email to a blog/press contact to pitch your app and ask for a review, after explaining what your app does and why it’s so great, you can tell your reader he can find more info on your app website or check out a demo video of your app. Mention that your app demo video is short (it is, right?).

In your email signature

A pretty cool thing about gmail is that if you include a link to a YouTube video in your email, the recipient will see a thumbnail of the video at the end of your email. You can either use a signature tool like WiseStamp to add it (along with your contact and social network accounts), or add it yourself.


If you have a Facebook page for your app (which might be a great way to keep your users informed and engage them) or a personal Facebook account, post a status with your video. You can use a link to the video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or upload it directly. Doing the latter, you have more chances that your video will be seen by people as Facebook tends to favor uploaded content to links.


To your followers

You made a nice video, share it with your loyal followers! Tip : ask them to “Please RT”, if they do it will obviously give your video (and your app) more visibility.

To a specific contact

I usually like to send an email to a press/blog contact I’ve identified, but sometimes an email address can be pretty tough to find. I found out that tweeting someone asking if they want to try the app with a link to your video can be pretty effective to engage the conversation : it doesn’t take you much time and it’s not too intrusive (don’t harass them!).

The Indie Developers Re-Tweet Group

You can join for free the Indie Developers Re-Tweet Group (IDRTG), which purpose is to give indie developers more exposure on twitter to promote their apps. It’s a community, where developers retweet and support each other, and therefore a perfect place to tweet your app trailer!


A good way to promote your video is through forums relating to your topic. Of course you have to get some authority there and be involved with the forum before starting to do any promoting of your app. But if you identify the right forums and start early this shouldn’t be a problem. Once you have something to show (first designs, screenshots), start talking a bit about your app. If you have an app video, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t post it. If all promotion is forbidden on the forum (read the rules!), then have a link to your app website and/or video in your signature.


If you’re already active on Quora and you already mention your app there when relevant, you can now directly embed a video so that people see instantely what you’re talking about.

Appbackr / Kickstarter

If what you’re looking for is funding for your app, you’ll most likely need a promo video even before getting started. By adding a great-looking video to your app pitch, you will get your point across more easily and will show potential backers/funders you’re serious about developing and marketing the app. You should also have an app website if you plan on submitting a project to these platforms.


Depending on what your app does, you might find yourself displaying it on an exhibition booth. In that case, you of course want to allow users to try the app on an actual device, and having a demo video running on a screen will be a good eye catcher and will let you identify interested visitors.

App Awards / App Pitch

More and more app awards require or give you the possibility to submit a promotional video to demonstrate how great your app is. Don’t miss on the opportunity! You can of course also use your app demo video during your app pitch when presenting your application.

Of course these are just examples of what you can do with your app demo video, you have to use what seems to fit best to your market or contacts. If you came up with innovative way of using your video, we’d be glad to hear them!

22 April,2016


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