Apptamin A (Wordpress Theme)

A FREE, easily customizable WordPress theme for your iPhone. and/or .Android app..

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GitHub Project v2.0
What's new in v2.0: changed the way devices are chosen ; created new theme style

Note: In order to install the Apptamin A Theme, you have to download the Thematic Theme (the Apptamin A theme is a Thematic Child Theme and inherits all of its functionalities), upload both themes to your server in the themes folder and then activate the Apptamin A Theme.

Why this theme ?

The Apptamin A Theme is now hosted on GitHub. You know your way around PHP? You're a designer? Together, let's take it to the next level!
Feel free to create branches and suggest improvements, or send us an email at contact[at] to get started.

Theme Options Panel

You can customize your whole app website without coding : background images, screenshot, colors, texts, etc.
If you do want to code or use css, you can too !

For iPhone and Android apps

From the Theme Options panel, you can choose to display an iPhone, an Android phone or both. Devices currently available: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3.

Widget Areas and Widgets

Fine-tune your website with our predefined app-oriented widget areas and easily place your widgets : texts for user reviews and testimonials, links to other apps, etc.

Landing Page Mode

Your app is not ready yet ? Don't let that bother you and use our pre-launch mode to collect your future users' email addresses !

Your app video

You might have noticed we're all about video. So we made it easy to add a way to display your app video.

Up to 5 features focus

You can add up to 5 focus on features. Each time, you choose the phones you want to display, the screenshots, the feature name and the text.

Get social

Easily display social stuff like Tweet Buttons or Facebook likes. You can also use widgets to add your latest tweets or icons linking to your social accounts.

Based on Thematic

This theme is based on the Thematic Theme Framework and has all its functionalities. That also means that if you want to dig into it, you can get some help from the Thematic community (and from us).

Following Apptamin A, we're going to publish more Wordpress themes.
Be notified as soon as they're ready !