Video is the best thing next to trying your app

A page on mobile stores with some screenshots and text is not enough to promote your app and quickly show what it is really about.

The number of apps is overwhelming for most users, and app review sites don’t have time to download every app. What do they do? They rely on video.

You put love and energy into building a great app. We care about your app and your success and want to show your app in its best light so you can convert visitors into users.

Why you need an App Video or Trailer

Get press / Blog coverage

Having a video helps you get more coverage. It turns out that journalists and bloggers are kind of busy. They don’t have time to download every app, and they’re much more likely to watch your video than to read your press release.

Get funding for an app

On platforms like KickStarter, AppBackr, AppStori or AppsFunder, having a video is a must if you want to get more funding for your app.

Videos communicate how passionate you are about your project.

Use on Google Play Store

You can add a demo video of your app onto Google Play. Most big hits have already done it, join them! (It's not yet possible on the App Store, but it could come soon!)

Some of our work

What bloggers and experts say

" Video is a must when you are trying to market your [...] app "
- Jeffrey Hughes, Android Apps Marketing

" A video provides the quickest way to initially assess your app, letting [bloggers] know if it’s worth downloading and testing further "
- Erica Sadun, Pitch Perfect

" Creating a video takes a little more effort, but it can be of tremendous value when you begin pitching your app "
- Ken Yarmosh, App Savvy

" A cool video [for an app] creates a lot of awareness ",
- Patrick Mork, Google I/O 2012

Some feedback from our customers

" Easy, fast and affordable app video service. I recommend to anyone who feels their app needs an extra boost in popularity. "
- Suzana Bueno, Movile

" The team at Apptamin were an absolute pleasure to work with. As many before me have mentioned, the speed in which Sylvain and his team responded to questions and feedback throughout the entire process was hugely reassuring and helped bring the project to life on time. Their knowledge and professionalism also made for a great experience. I would definitely recommend them. "
- Renée Psomadelis,

" Sylvain and his team have been great in driving and executing this project. Will definitely use them again in the future. "
- Erwan Mace, bitsmedia

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