A smooth process For any app video project

1. Discovery

4 to 5 days

After understanding your project (a call works great), we send you a free proposal based on the targeted channel(s) and objectives.

2. planning

5 to 7 days

We finalize the script or storyboard and prepare/plan everything for the production phase. Your input is strongly encouraged.

3. production

7 to 21 days

We create the video in motion design or shoot and edit the footage for live action videos. This is the most exciting part. It’s where the magic happens.

4. finalization

3 to 5 days

We get your feedback and make the edits to make sure everything is perfect. Once the video is finalized, we deliver the files to you.

A refined operation comes second to the team behind it and our success is driven from within -from project managers to creatives,
our people care and are involved.

Live action The right team from concept creation to shoot day.

Brainstorming video project

Concept Creation

Our project managers and creative team combine their knowledge and talent to find the right way to present your app within your budget. And, of course, we always keep performance in mind.

No matter what your needs or challenges are, we’ll discuss, exchange, draw up and brainstorm to suggest solutions and/or creative workarounds.

We are a great team of problem solvers, invested in your success and are just as excited for what’s to come as you are!

Live action video planning and logistics

Planning & Logistic

We make sure to give you a clear idea of what we have in mind for the video and that we are on the same page every step of the way.

From selecting actors to choosing the right location or decor we do the heavy lifting and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

We’re masters at logistics right down to the last detail so that all goes smoothly the day(s) of the shoot.

Live action video shoot day

Shoot day

This is THE day.

It’s time to execute what we carefully planned and create beautiful images just for you.

Each member of our team has a precise role. We know how to work together and we love it!

When work feels like play and everything falls into place, you know you are doing it right.

Motion graphics from design to animation. We love motion too.

Live action video storyboard and designs

A little piece of design

Design is an art and anything is possible!

What better way than carefully thought-out designs to make things easy to understand?

We love immersing ourselves in your branding and key messaging to find the style that will be the best fit for your video. This includes explaining clearly some complexities and making suggestions that work within your budget.

Design and motion graphics

Coming to life with animation

Whether it’s with 2D or 3D animation, designs are more fun when they come alive!

The trick is to find that sweet spot between beautiful and essential.

Possibilities are endless in motion graphics as well, and we help you make the right choices so we can give you the video you envisioned.

Clients & Partners

IGG video ads and app store videos
Verse video ad
Vivino video ad and play store promo video
RetailMeNot video ads and app store videos
Engie app explainer videos
Zalando promo video
Wildworks game trailer and UA videos
Masomo app store videos
Ludia game trailers and video ads
Markets.com video ads
Zynga user acquisition video
Nanobit video ads and game trailers