Pre-post analysis iTunes Connect

The step-by-step guide to pre-post analysis for ASO with iTunes Connect App Analytics

There is not any A/B testing tool in iTunes connect. Without something like Google experiment, you’re therefore left with having to use...

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google play store experiment video

How to measure the impact of video using Play Store listing experiments

There are two main goals to adding a promo video to your Play Store listing. The first one is to increase conversion...

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differences app preview video google play store

Differences between video on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store

If done right, app store videos are a great way to quickly show what your app is about and an important part...

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emerging markets app marketing

App Marketing for Emerging Markets and How 20 Companies are Tackling It

If your app has a global appeal and you plan to increase your mobile app revenue, marketing your app to emerging markets...

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iOS 11 App Previews – The Complete Guide to Video on the App Store

When iOS App Previews (video on the App Store) were announced in June 2014, everyone got quite fired up. A new exciting...

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A/B test featured image

7 Ways To A/B Test Your App Page Creatives

This is a guest post by Josh Kocaurek from Appsposure. If you could increase your app’s conversion rate by 66% by changing...

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google play store videos

5 Google Play Categories Where Apps With Promo Videos Get More Downloads

This is a guest post by Hugh Kimura from MobileAction Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Because it works. A recent report shows...

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improve google play listing

How to Optimize Your Google Play Store App Details Page

This is a guest post by Daniel Peris, CEO of TheTool. There are tons of content about ASO in the Internet and...

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Double Your App Conversion Rate with App A/B Testing. Here’s How.

This is a guest post on A/B testing by Alexandra Lamachenka from Splitmetrics Do you want to dramatically increase the number of...

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