ASO tips for mobile games with Iris de Vries, ASO Manager at Bagelcode ⎮ The App Marketing Snack #10


October 13, 2022

For the 10th episode of The App Marketing Snack we talked with Iris de Vries, ASO manager for Bagelcode, a social casino company. She told us about the specificities of doing ASO for mobile games and the importance of proper localization and culturalization.

Below is the full transcript of the interview above.

So, my name is Iris, I work at Bagelcode, a social casino company. I believe, and we all know, that the app and mobile it’s the present and the future. And it’s really interesting for me to be part of this industry that is fast-growing, always changing, always evolving. 

What’s one thing everyone should know about ASO?

I really think the main thing to know about ASO is the great impact it has on your UA efforts. It’s sometimes referred to as the K factor that really creates a holistic strategy between your organic efforts and your UA efforts. Then you’ll have one consistent messaging which can help you first in time to improve your conversion rate, lower your CPI, and on the organic side uplifting your installs velocity and improving also your organic ranking on the store. It’s really important to consider them both together and making sure that your UA campaigns and your storefront on the organic side speak the same language. 

What’s a big ASO mistake you see people making?

I think a big ASO mistake sometimes is this overlook using Google Translate or doing a literal translation of your App Store for a localization where what you wanna do is a culturalization really. Consider the unique aspects of each market or audience that you turn to rather than copying or translating your English or your base listing.

How do you help your mobile game stand out?

Because the category is so competitive it’s really important to let users know what are your bonuses, what are your offers, and what’s the variety or the frequency in which you upload new games for the users to try and enjoy. And that way to really make sure that you speak to the users that you’re most compatible for and hopefully also improving their lifetime value and retention. 

Tell us about your most rewarding ASO experience?

One game, Cash Billionaire, that we found out that seasonality and holiday creatives work really  well for it and we see an improvement in the conversion rates from test to test, from holiday to holiday. So it’s been really interesting to understand it. There we can kind of have more fun with it, keep creating new creatives, adding specific elements from time to time and the users are enjoying it. We see that it’s converting better and it definitely gives us the motivation to keep testing, keep going with fun and different creatives and understanding that they have a good impact.

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