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Promo videos / Game trailers / Video ads

Motion graphics videos

- Animation -

Showing interactions with the app, integrating high-quality video screen captures into the device's frame.

Starting at $135060 seconds or less

Evolution Promo Video

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- Custom animation -

We add one or several scenes with custom visuals and animations to show your app the best way possible.

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Week Calendar Promo Video

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Live action videos

- Packshot (User Interactions) -

Real hands interacting with your app on real devices. Various devices and backgrounds available.

Starting at $165060 seconds or less


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- On location -

Shooting at one or several locations, with actors. Perfect for storytelling and showing your app used in its context!

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Retrica Promo Video

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Order any promo video or game trailer and get a 40% discount on the iOS and tvOS App Preview version(s). Same order only.

Prices indicated are starting prices and may vary depending on project complexity. We can only confirm a price after defining the scope further.

App Previews: videos for the App Store (iOS and tvOS)

- iPhone OR iPad -

Starting at $850iPhone versions (3 versions: iPhone 5S / 6 / 6 Plus) OR iPad version

- iPhone AND iPad -

Starting at $950iPhone versions (3 versions - iPhone 5S / 6 / 6 Plus) AND iPad

Devices for App Previews

- Apple TV (tvOS) -

Starting at $850Apple TV (tvOS)

- iPhone AND iPad And Apple TV -

Starting at $1400iPhone (3 versions - iPhone 5S / 6 / 6 Plus) AND iPad AND Apple TV

The App Previews for the iOS App Store (iPhone and iPad) and tvOS App Store (Apple TV) have quite a specific format. They are device specific, 15-30s, and mainly based on screen captures. With us, you can get all those formats at the highest quality possible.
Read the Apple documentation to learn more about App Previews.

Watch App Previews Examples

Order any promo video or game trailer and get a 40% discount on the iOS and tvOS App Preview version(s). Same order only.

Prices indicated are starting prices and may vary depending on project complexity. We can only confirm a price after defining the scope further.


icon music


You can have a background music you find yourself, or we can suggest a few copyright-free music to choose from. If you want something unique, we can even have one composed just for you!

icon voiceover option


Lots to say? Some storytelling to do? Add a voiceover to your video, starting at $240 (60' or less video). You tell us if you want a male or female voice over and we send you 5-10 voice over auditions to choose from.

Rush fee icon

Rush Fee

The 7 business days delivery is from the moment everything is validated. The whole process usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks. If you need your video sooner and we have the resources, we can consider a rush fee.

motion graphics icon

Additional motion graphics

Our starting price for animated videos is for our most basic videos. We have the in-house skills to do more than that to present your app the best way possible so you can better promote it. Happy to send our suggestions!

icon sound design

Sound Design

Even for our starting prices, we do our best to make things sound good. If you want us to work further on arranging the music and adding sound effects, we'd love to go further and make everything sound perfect!

icon international


Your customers don't all speak English. Take advantage of localization by getting additional versions of your video in different languages, whether you choose to have a voice over or not. Russian, Arabic, Indonesian...We can do it!

icon background accessories

Packshot backgrounds & accessories

We can place accessories on the table to add some context to your packshot video. And if a better way to present your app is to show a different background than a table then we can use a green screen to do so.

icon international

Packshot 'clear screen'

In our regular packshot package (starting price), we film the app screen directly. If you need us to fake things or want a super clear screen, we can use screen captures and insert that at the post-production stage.

How it works

Here are our usual process and delivery times. Please note that if you have an urgent project we can charge a rush fee and do things faster.


We suggest a synopsis

We try the app, discuss with you (or the other way around), and suggest you the video brief and synopsis (a couple of bullet points about what we'll show and how) within 4 business days so we can give you a final price.


We share a detailed script

We finalize the synopsis with you and when you confirm you want to move forward, we share with you within 4 business days the detailed script where we define all the screens we're going to show, the exact content of the app, the texts/voice over, visuals or a storyboard (for more complex projects), etc.

1st version

We produce

Once you sign off on the detailed script, we produce the video in 7 business days for the animated videos and 10 business days for the packshot live videos. If you need it faster than that, depending on how busy we are we might be able to produce the video faster for a rush fee.


You get a great video!

We do the necessary edits (within the scope of the project) and when you’re fully satisfied with your mobile app video, we send you the HD ready (720p) and Full HD quality (1080p) .mp4 files that you can use everywhere.

  • hd capture

    Screen captures quality

    For both iOS and Android, you can get 1080p video captures with incredible fluidity, that make for amazing videos and allow for zooming on specific parts of your app. Even for games and apps using a lot of graphic resources.

  • rush video

    Multiple devices

    Whether using motion graphics or live video, your app can be displayed in the latest devices and with the latest mobile OS!

  • multiple devices

    Different backgrounds

    For your packshot live videos, we have several different backgrounds available: white background, woods, glass, etc. Or even the background of your choice, using a green screen!

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