Get an affordable and professional app video or trailer. Fast.

We create app videos (of different kinds), and nothing else. Because we’ve optimized the way we work, we’re efficient.
We deliver fast and create videos at competitive prices compared to a marketing agency or a traditional video production company.

We also always keep our devices and OS up to date, and we are ready to produce awesome iOS 7 app videos!.

Some of our work

Want to see more? Check out the videos on the Our Work page.

" Apptamin did an excellent job on the Intellinote overview video. The team was responsive, organized, and professional.
We plan to use them on many more video projects.
- Tony Lopresti, Intellinote

The details

We make videos for iOS, Android or Windows Phone apps, on smartphones or tablets. We deliver you HD ready (720p) and Full HD quality (1080p) .mp4 video files that you can use everywhere (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.).

Price is for a 60 seconds or less video.

Using animation - Starts at $1050

We take high quality video captures of the app then insert them into a device's frame when creating the video.

Detailed script writing included.

We deliver in 7 working days*.

Using live video - Starts at $1500

We film someone's hands with a real device, interacting with your app. Just like in real life.

Detailed script writing included.

We deliver in 10 working days*.


  • New Video Captures following UI changes: + $425 (not for live video, only for animation)
  • Studio recorded voice over - choice between 5 professionals (male or female): + $210
  • Copyright-free music: $20-$40
  • Additional time and features / Localization & translations / Actors / On-location shooting: contact us!
* Delivery times indicated are from the moment where we have all the needed elements (validated detailed script, functionning app, etc.)

Rush fee

You're really in a hurry? We have a rush fee that can let you have your app video much faster! Send us a request or contact us for more information.

How it works


We write the brief

We try the app, talk with you (or the other way around), and suggest you the video brief and synopsis (a couple of bullet points about what we'll show and how) within 72 hours so we can give you a final price.


We write the detailed script

When you decide to move forward, we share with you within 72 hours the detailed script where we define all the screens we're going to show, the exact content of the app, the texts/voice over, etc.


We produce a great video

Once the detailed script is validated, we produce the video in 7 working days* for the animated videos and 10 working days* for the live videos.


We make the edits

We do the necessary edits (within the scope of the project) and when you’re fully satisifed with your mobile app video, we send you the HD ready (720p) and Full HD quality (1080p) .mp4 files that you can use everywhere.

Why Us?

We care about your success and promoting your app in the most effective way possible. We also know app marketing and how to efficiently and quickly make professional app videos that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Best video captures for highest quality

We spend hours and days making sure to provide the best app videos possible.

For both iOS and Android, we're able to do 1080p video captures with incredible fluidity, that make for amazing videos and allow for zooming on specific parts of your app. Even for games and apps using a lot of graphic resources.

Voice Over by Professionals

If you need a voice over for your video, just let us know if you want a male or female; we’ll do the rest.

We’ll then send you five voice samples based on your script so you can choose your favorite voice over talent for your video.

Who is it for ?

Do you have a great app you’re launching soon? Do you have a major update coming up and want to show what’s new? Or are you starting a crowd-funding campaign?

In all these cases (and in other ones too!), a video is one of your best marketing assets to show the press, blogs, influencers, and users what your game or app is all about.

Who is it not for?

Even the best video won’t do miracles for your app promotion if you don’t build a great app and don’t have a more global app marketing strategy.

If you're new to this app marketing thing, check out our App Marketing Blog to find interesting and helpful articles about app marketing.

Get started now!

The sooner you have your app video, the sooner you can promote your app effectively, so get started today! Send us an e-mail at contact[at] or fill out the form below.

We promise to get back to you quickly (don’t get freaked out if it’s within the hour!) to answer your questions and get more details so we can give you a final quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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