App Marketing Resources & Tools

Seeing the growth of the mobile app industry, it’s no surprise to see how many startups and companies have started offering services to app developers.

Hey, we’re one of them.

For someone beginning with app development and app marketing, it’s easy to get a little lost and have trouble knowing what’s useful out there. And even after some years in the field, keeping up with the new solutions is not easy.

Reviewing all the tools and resources available is just an impossible task, so we made a list. We did try some of them though, so we might as well share it.

Tools Comparison

  • App Sales & Revenue Tracking Tools – You need to be able to measure how many downloads, updates and revenue your app is generating. And there are many great tools for that. These are our favorites.
  • In-app Analytics Solutions – Only measuring how many people download your app is not enough. You also need to know how they use it, so you can make improvements. In this article we tell you about what you should be tracking and some of the solutions that are here for you.

App Marketing Resources

We believe our blog is one of the best place to get started with app marketing. Other companies and developers are doing a great job too, and here are 22 app marketing resources worth knowing.

Feedback and Crowdfunding

It can be hard to make it by yourself.

A crowdfunding/crowdsourcing campaign can hekp you reduce the risks, getting early feedback and generating interest around your app before its release.

The available platforms each have their pros and cons, and hopefully our article presenting some of your options when it comes to crowdfunding an app will help you find the right fit for your project.

Don’t get us wrong, though: successfully raising money on any of these platforms is hard work. You have to “hustle” and use your social media following the best way possible.

Here are a couple interviews we’ve done with people that have been through it:

There are some other ways to get feedback too.