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CPP What can be changed

What is it? CPPs (Custom Product Pages) let you create alternative versions of your App Store product page addressing different user personas.

Where? Your new CPP will be separated from your default App Store product page. CPPs can’t be found organically, they’re accessible via the unique URL embedded in your UA campaigns, or via the Today, Games and Apps tabs in the App Store.

Why? It delivers a consistent full-funnel experience for a specific audience.

When a relevant user comes across your ad campaign and reacts to it, it lands in a customized App Store product page with tailored messaging.

CPPs drive installs from particular traffic segments and maximize the performance of your marketing efforts



What can

Be changed:

Promotional text App Previews Screenshots CPP What can be changed

Purpose-built CPPs

  • Put the focus on different features or characters
  • Target distinct user motivations
  • Direct the attention on a promotion or offer
  • Support a global / seasonal marketing efforts
  • Use it for Search Ads

Data-driven CPPs

  • App Previews can improve CVR by 40%
  • Screenshots can increase CVR by 28%
  • Apple allows up to 35 CPPs per language
  • App icon remains unchanged for brand consistency



The full-funnel strategy

Right message, right audience.

Segmentation example for a fitness app: Flexibility vs. Muscle build

UA Campaigns Right message, right audience.


Multiply your conversion rate by showing the right message to a specific audience

Experience a clear and customizable process. Designed for mobile-first audiences. Backed by industry experts.



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Personalize your user journey with CPPs

We help you champion your UA and ASO marketing efforts with genuinely engaging creatives.

Laser-target users with a strong UA campaign.

Experience our creative process from concept development to video production.

Seal the deal with robust ASO.

Our ASO specialists craft store screenshots and videos accelerating growth through creatives.

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