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Motion Design 2D

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Motion Design 2D


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Motion Design 2D

Work with a Google preferred app creative partner and get best-in-class creative assets for your App campaigns (UAC).

Vivino video ad and play store promo video
Backflip Studios (PRNewsFoto/Backflip Studios)
Verse video ad

Achieve creative excellence with fresh creatives (different themes and formats) and continuously improve them through data-driven creative optimization.

Image Assets

for Google App campaigns

Initial image assets

We like to first create different image assets in a specific ratio or two. These initial image assets can be variations around one concepts/theme or have completely different creative directions.

Multiple sizes

We then produce your favorite ones in the most common aspect ratios (cf. a few of them in the visual above) for App campaigns so you can maximize your reach across the entire Google ecosystem.

Pricing depends on the kind of assets and their volume.
You keep control of your campaigns and don’t have to pay a percentage on ad spend!

How it Works

Data insights driving creative production

1. Existing Assets analysis

We first do a quick initial call to better understand your context and goals. If you’re already running App campaigns we take a look at your creative report to understand the assets you’re currently using. 

2. Creative Assets Proposal

Based on your creative report, our expertise and a competitive analysis we put together a free proposal for creative assets across the spectrum of Google’s app formats (including several concepts/scripts for video assets) and aspect ratios. No commitment needed.

3. Creative assets production

We create the image and video assets you decide to move forward with. We make sure we’re on the same page regarding the main elements of your assets and get to work so we can go from words on a page to best-in-class creative assets!

4. Analysis & new concepts

As you’re running App campaigns with the new assets, we go through your creative asset reporting so we can optimize your App campaigns. We define a new proposal for iterations on what works best and new creative concepts to explore.

Interested? Discuss with one of our
project managers and get a proposal!