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“It was great experience using your service.
I am deeply impressed by the professionalism of members at your firm!”

Yijia (Richard) Fan
Founder & President @Askers

Our Approach


The team behind Askers came to us with a great idea and an app that was still in development. An app that includes social elements, along with a very detailed money earning eco-system might be hard to explain while promoting it at the same time. That’s where using video comes in.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Website
Length: 60s
Style: Animation
Account Manager: Elia

Together with the client we found solutions to presenting the app’s complexity in a light, yet very clear and easy to understand tone. Using animated characters, recognizable imagery and a well-structured voice over, the video ticked off all the necessary boxes and still remained a pleasure to watch.

There are three parties that can get value out of the app: the person asking questions, the person answering them, the person that browses through these questions to satisfy his or her curiosity. Important elements are:

  • the answer is voice recorded
  • there are small monetary transactions involved
  • questions can be about any subjects

We thus created three animations of typical users of the app, each fulfilling its role and at the same time interacting with each other as well as with the animated phone.

Using custom designed icons, fitting neatly into the style of the video, we explain the nature of the answers, as well as how each step of the process works in detail.

Finally, using a format otherwise used for user quotes to promote a product, we sum up the value created for each of these roles right before the outro and the call to action. This provided a recognizable user experience for an app that at the time wasn’t ready for beta testing yet.

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