Galaxy Legend

Success Story

“It was great experience using your service.
I am deeply impressed by the professionalism of members at your firm!”

Yijia (Richard) Fan
Founder & President @Askers

Our Approach

Tap4Fun contacted us to work on a 50/60s game trailer for their then-new game, Galaxy Legend. Galaxy Legend is a combat strategy game set in space. They were looking for a game trailer that would go beyond “just a screen recorder of gameplay or making up pieces of assets”.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Google Play Store
Length: 50/60s
Style: Animation

Galaxy Legend has a futuristic and dark atmosphere, which we decided to leverage. Tap4Fun was able to share with us some assets of the game like spaceships (which we ended up removing), a view from the spaceship cockpit and the city view featured at the end. The goal was therefore to compose around and extend those assets to create a dynamic and powerful trailer.

After agreeing on the structure of the video and what we would show, a critical piece that would determine the atmosphere and rhythm of the trailer was the music. In our shortlist sent to Tap4Fun was a dark and dramatic music with some dubstep elements. This was definitely our favorite and we were excited that the client found it was a perfect fit as well. With several music loops available, we could give the soundtrack the rhythm we wanted which was great to set up the tone in the intro, on the texts screens and for the conclusion of the video.

A couple of days later we had the visuals for the main scenes completed: the intro sequence, the text screens (using the same futuristic font as the logo), the backgrounds and the custom frame (to make it device agnostic) where we’d show the gameplay footage.

Once those visuals were approved we started the motion graphics work, relying heavily on the soundtrack (and some sound effects) to time the animations. We like to think the acceleration and the flashes of almost subliminal images at the end create a strong finish and bring a nice touch to the trailer.

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