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June 29, 2016

This is a guest post from Hannah Hastings at Tapdaq.

When it comes to social media, you need to be in on the action! Generating leads is one of the most important benefits of having a strong social media presence.

The more engagement and followers you get, the better your reach is. And the better your reach, the more downloads you can potentially get. Since social media can be very important in generating leads, we’ve put together 6 tips to help increase your social media presence.

1. Keep Your Voice And Frequency Consistent

To get from mediocre to amazing, you need a great tone of voice. As an outward projection of who you are, your voice is key to building lasting relationships.

If it’s familiar and personal, your audience are more likely to trust you.

Your voice can be whatever you like: playful, cheeky, sophisticated or even inspirational. But, it should be an extension of your culture.

If you’re a young startup who like to push the boundaries, do so with your tone of voice! Take your audience inside your brand’s experience.

Brand personality example

Once you’ve defined your voice, keep it consistent. Having a consistent voice across your social channels will create a familiar environment for your audience.

That’s why your post frequency should also be consistent. If you start posting three times day, your audience will expect three posts a day. If you start lagging, your efforts will look sloppy and careless.

Inconsistencies will be more likely as your team grow so make sure you keep on top of it!

2. Talk to Your Audience and Engage Them

When you’re posting on social media, talk to your audience and engage them. Not every post will result in a conversion, but every positive interaction increases the likelihood of a conversion!

Increasing your interactions on social media will give you more opportunity to grow and drive traffic to your pages. Your audience will start mentioning you in their posts which will then make you visible to their network.

If someone comes to you with an issue, don’t shy away, make the most of it. This is an opportunity for you to show off how you can rectify situations in a personable manner.

You can even post links to your website for more information, which is a great way to encourage traffic. This increase in activity and mentions will also help your SEO rankings!


It’s also important to interact with people who don’t communicate with you directly. Many brands have started introducing interactive campaigns into their social media strategy.

This can range from a game, survey, contest or a participation-based promotion. Taking an interactive approach will not only help you build relationships and encourage growth, but it’ll give you insight and help you understand what your audience respond well to.

3. Forget the Hard Sell and Provide Real Value

OK, we get it.

Your app is the best.

But, you can’t just shower your audience with branded phrases, buzzwords and taglines.

Very few people will engage with you purely out of love for your brand. Your audience want something that will satisfy and benefit them.

Forget the hard sell, you must provide real value!

If your current posts are all about you, it’s time for change – it’s time to adopt the 80/20 rule. 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate and entertain, and the other 20% should promote your business.


To increase your visibility and conversion, lend your audience a hand with useful content. Depending on your field, provide links, articles, tips, quotes, suggestions, relevant news and other information your audience will benefit from.

Stay on top of trending topics and try to fit your brand into the conversation. This will highlight your expertise and improve trust for your brand.

4. ‘Show’ Instead of ‘Tell’

Social media has matured and so have our audiences. There has been a big shift from ‘tell’ to ‘show’.

We are drawn to visuals more than ever before. This is evident in the rise of image-based social networks like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Both Instagram and Snapchat have surpassed the number of daily active mobile users on Twitter!


The key lesson here is: users are more likely to engage with you if you post visual content. Utilize visuals wherever possible to share your message.

Design tools such as Canva have recently come on the scene to help business owners create their own visual content. Social media thrives on sharing, so if you can produce original content for others to share, you are ahead of the game!

5. Connect Your Personality With Your Audience

Social media requires a personal touch. It’s about people connecting with people, so connect your brand’s personality to your audience.

Differentiating your brand from its competitors through its personality is vital to your success on social media. You have to offer your audience something your competitors don’t.


As mentioned, the basis of trusting relationships is having a relationship to start with. And the stronger and more personal that relationship is, the more valuable it becomes.

Your audience will see your brand and business as a whole, but your reputation is the result of many contact moments and exchanges. By making these more personal, trust grows.

6. Scheduling Tools Can Be Lifesavers

For small teams, social media scheduling tools can be lifesavers. They can help reduce the stress of multitasking and keep your social activities consistent, which then allows you to be more efficient.

However, relying on automation tools too much can put you at risk of ruining your social media presence. It’s important to remind your audience that there’s a real person behind your accounts. Automating your social media isn’t a ‘sell it and forget it’ job, it’s about automating what you can, while staying engaged.

You must understand what is, and isn’t appropriate to automate. Not everything can, and should be automated.

Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social are some of the most popular services for social media automation, and you can take advantage of web and mobile applications for each.

Round Up

A great social media presence can serve as an important foundation to your success! If you’re a late adopter, or you haven’t been doing it properly, now is the time to get involved.

If you have any questions about our tips or want some more advice, join the conversation in the comments or tweet us @tapdaq!


hannah2About the Author

Hannah Hastings is Content and Community Manager at Tapdaq. As a social media and content enthusiast, she writes about mobile apps, content marketing, social media, and how to increase discoverability on the app stores.


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  1. Great tips here. I’ve picked a handful of information from this post. One thing I will do in 2020 is to begin storytelling to engage my customers. I will also include different contests to get audiences excited. I think the future is bright for social media marketing as long as it does seem overbearing to the users.

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