ASO secrets with Steve P. Young, Founder of App Masters ⎮ The App Marketing Snack #13


October 13, 2022

Today’s guest on The App Marketing Snack is Steve P. Young, founder and CEO of App Masters and podcast host! He shares his secret ASO tips so buckle in!

Below is the transcript of the video above.

Steve P. Young, founder of and what we try to help clients with is some of the growth strategies like ASO, ASA (Apple Search Ads), Google Ads, any real growth strategies and different growth hacks that we devise and along with monetization.

What’s one thing everyone should know about ASO?

The basic one I always give to people is the US App Store indexes the Spanish Mexico localization so have English in there. The other one is: have a marketing strategy. Like, literally think through everything because a lot of times people will just think “I need more downloads”. When they think about growth they always think “I need more downloads, I need more downloads, how to get more downloads” and they don’t think about the whole entire funnel. What you want to look at is, obviously, installs and then what’s the conversion rate. 

Which one should come first: ASO or UA?

I would do UA first, honestly. Cause I think most people understand ASO enough and the reason why I say UA first, it’s against what I personally do, right, like my business model, most people know me from the ASO side of things. It’s a math equation, how many downloads can you get at a cost that’s reasonable for you and if you have a good UA channel where that funnel is driving guess what’s gonna happen. Having the shittiest ASO, can I curse on here? will be okay! Right, I work with one client where I was like “Man your ASO sucks!” but you’re ranking really well for a lot of these keywords because, you know, they have them in the right places, in the title, in the subtitles all that stuff and so some small changes could help them incrementally but again, they’ve been able to do pretty well with really crappy, mediocre ASO. Just think about the funnel, not to say, if you don’t have that type of budget cause they’re spending thousands of dollars, you don’t have that type of budget then invest in ASO, figure things out there but if you do then you might not need ASO. 

When should app marketers start to invest in ASO?

I’ve said it before, I think it’s just numbers. And I just go “what are your downloads right now, what is your conversion rate” and I could give you best practices. If installs to trial is not at least 5%, you got a problem there. If trial to sub is not at least 30% to 40%, you got a problem there. So we really start thinking about all these numbers and then figuring out where do we need to attack first. Right if you’re already getting downloads then great let’s look at those numbers and let’s adjust. 

What do you think will be the next big thing?

I am bullish on Apple Search Ads, it is a great channel and I’m interested to see how they play around with Apple Search Ads and what they do, like what other ad units become available. Search Ads is just the tip of the iceberg and maybe you might be able to see like them changing the UI of the search tab to show more ads in there and not just that one that’s currently on there so I think that would be interesting. 

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