The App Marketing Snack with Enes Malik Turhan, Mobile Growth Specialist for Sensor Tower ⎮ Episode 8


October 13, 2022

This week’s guest is Enes Malik Turhan, Mobile Growth Specialist for Sensor Tower. He tells us the secret to a good ASO strategy and what you need to avoid, as well as the unmissable UA tool for 2022!

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I’m Enes, I’ve been in the mobile application ecosystem for almost 5 years and I am working as a Mobile Growth Specialist at Sensor Tower for the last 2 years. 

What’s the secret to a good ASO strategy?

I think being user-oriented. I mean to be able to see your application through their eyes, observing their needs and behavior is really helpful in terms of ASO. You can greatly identify main points or places you’ll need to pay attention to this way. I also try to observe what I care about in an app as a user. Of course, in order not to be biased, it’s necessary to get rid of the identity of ASO practitioner for a moment and look only as a user. 

What’s the ASO mistake you often see people make?

Relying too much on A/B testing is one of the common mistakes I see. First of all, needless to say, A/B testing tools in app stores are not necessarily great. For example, if you test your current icon or screenshots with identical versions of the current one like A/A/A/A test, contrary to expectations you may see different results for exactly the same versions. Not always of course! Know that they’re not 100% confident. Also if you A/B test everything, sometimes you can find local maxima that will mislead you. I mean, that doesn’t mean that A/B testing is a bad thing. Actually, it’s a powerful tool, but if you use it blindly, especially in the earlier funnel portion of an app, it can do more harm than good

Tell us about your most challenging ASO experience

Localization is always challenging for me, especially for the Asian countries. You have to take into account the approaches of Play Store and App store as well. While screenshots are not shown in search results in other countries, they are shown in mini store listings for Japan and Korea. Therefore you will need to pay attention to screenshots to increase the conversion rate in these countries. 

What do you think will be the mobile growth tool of 2022?

Maybe a little late to say this but User Acquisition with TikTok is an important topic still. It is a channel that companies shouldn’t ignore because I don’t thinkTikTok has reached its peak yet, I believe it’s a great place to scale your application or product.

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