The App Marketing Snack with Gabriel Machuret, ASO Consultant & Trainer ⎮ Episode 4


October 13, 2022

In this week’s episode we’re talking about the keys to a great ASO strategy with Gabriel Machuret, ASO Consultant and trainer. Dive in!

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I’m Gabriel Machuret, I do ASO – App Store Optimization I’m a consultant and I’m a trainer.

What are your top 3 ASO tips?

The first one would be, I mean no ASO person would say this: start with web search. I mean if people don’t search at all on Google for this? Use an SEO tool first. So start with web, see if people are looking for this online. If they’re searching for this online they’re gonna search in the app store. 

And number 2, the question is I mean, you spend all this money on the app development so give some love to the screenshots. It’s amazing you see screenshots of like Uber and you think “No one cares about these”. So put some love in the screenshots right. 

And the third one is, I mean, it would be like if you’re going to do it, do it properly. That’s where little mistakes happen. If you actually care about what you’re doing, if you do want to do it, do it properly.

What’s an ASO mistake people often make?

I think it’s depending on humans and on tools. So one of the things that is amazing is that people think that a tool is going to give you the data and it’s not it’s actually your users. So I think that that is the big point research comes from humans and I would like people to talk to users more than dashboards. I mean, you move from reviewers,  they’re like “hey we want to talk to you”. You don’t have to start with a million users start asking a hundred users.

How useful is social media for app marketing?

I think the way to move in social media is more like building community. If social media was going to work, it’s when people when they talk to the app company. And some companies that you love, you love them because of what it means, the company not what they sell. So here’s an example, I mean, Bumble wins in dating for one reason I’m going to say it in Australian: “They give a shit”. They care, Bumble cares about their users, they care about the way of dating. The whole point is to send them outside the app stores at some stage. It’s so limited for me to think that the only way I can interact with someone is via the app stores.

Tell us about an ASO strategy that impressed you

I saw recently an app that was actually it was a British app and it was making fun in the updates, that they didn’t win. That they didn’t win the Eurocup. And I was like, that’s pretty cool I mean when technically you can be a little bit brave enough to go like “Let’s do something different”.

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