The App Marketing Snack with Karina Kononovic, ASO Specialist at Surfshark⎮ Episode 3


October 13, 2022

The App Marketing Snack is bringing you the latest ASO tips from app professionals. Our third episode’s guest is Karina Kononovic, ASO Specialist at Surfshark. She tells us all about doing ASO on alternative app stores and the key to a successful marketing strategy for security-focused apps.

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My name is Karina, I’ve worked in the mobile industry and App Store Optimization for over two years. I started my career in mobile consultancy and now I work at Surfshark as App Store Optimization Specialist.

What are your top 3 ASO tips?

I would say the first one is to be patient. Also, I would say really pay attention to the whole strategy of the app. You know, closely work with the marketing department and product department to shape the whole strategy of the app. Probably my third tip is to really think about conversion rates and the whole strategy funnel, how people go into your app, how they convert, every step of that. Overall think about creative optimization with the screenshots and the whole traffic that comes into your app.

What are the specificities of marketing a privacy-centric app?

It’s actually really challenging because you know, we really care about our users’ privacy and all the moderation we do, we need to think about how our customers will react. Regarding ASO, I would say we are more limited than other apps in comparison because we do not tend to be featured on the App Stores. We may receive less visibility but also we need to think about where do we find those users and how potentially we can attract them.

Tell us about your most challenging ASO experience

Probably of the challenging ones is when I stayed consistent with my iterations but I wasn’t seeing the result that I wanted to see and that was quite time consuming but also disappointing because no matter how you try, sometimes those results won’t bring what you want to see. And I would say what helped, for me, was to collaborate with other teams and think about how they could also contribute towards app growth.

What about your best ASO experience?

When I joined Surfshark I didn’t have experience with alternative stores and, I mean by that, Huawei App Gallery, Samsung store… Even extensions such as chrome or firefox stores. So I tried doing ASO on those stores and it actually brought really interesting results. For example with my iterations we ran first on Firefox store. It was quite new for me but at the same time it shows that with a great strategy you can achieve something.

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