The App Marketing Snack with Peggy Anne Salz, Founder of MobileGroove and writer ⎮ Episode 7


October 13, 2022

Let’s talk about the secrets to ASO with this episode’s guest: Peggy Anne Salz, writer, journalist, and founder of MobileGroove. She tells us about the app marketing strategy that impressed us and what she thinks will be the big talking points of the mobile industry.

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I’m Peggy Anne Salz, I’m the founder of MobileGroove where I’m also the Chief Analyst. And in addition to analyzing the mobile industry, I write about it as a nine-time author. On my tenth book, looking at the importance of segmenting audiences according to tribes rather than demographics. 

What is a mistake you often see app companies make?

I have one for you, so I think that you need to avoid thinking that you can market on the basis of concepts and keywords alone. I believe that this is the beginning of an era of the app brand. Look at brand, build brand, be aware of the brand. Brand is what we’re gonna hear more about in 2022 than any other time. 

How can apps stay relevant?

You stay relevant by getting and keeping my attention. You get to keep my attention perhaps, simply because I know who you are to begin with and I associate that with something. Another thing I think is gonna be increasingly key is curation. Because how do you get and keep me in the app? A lot of companies are very well using elements of creative, narrative, or content curation. So it’s about, you are not just an app, you are a one-stop source of X for me. Curation is important, recommendation is another. You know, if I’m enjoying this experience, might I enjoy this other experience, this other game, how about this other music? What about this service? This Netflix model that we have become accustomed to, even spoiled by. I think that’s entering even more and more into what the app experience is now and will be in the future. It’s shaping that. 

Can you tell us about an app whose marketing strategy impressed you?

I was most impressed by Tandem. It’s an influencer campaign with a difference. I won’t go into the details of how do you attribute and quantify the value of an influencer campaign. This wasn’t about influencers like “hey I love this product and here I am and I’m gonna do a dance now!” No this was… These are influencers that assist in the onboarding process. All users, in order to get the most out of their app experience need to understand it. Now, you can do video tutorials, you can do all sorts of stuff. And Tandem came up with the idea of using, don’t say using, harnessing the passion of the influencer to educate the community. So, massive results you know, at a very critical stage of the funnel: onboarding, and rather than say here’s how you use the app or look at this tutorial, which are all fine, this was the influencer as an instrument of education. I’m fascinated by that because who better to teach me something than someone who loves it themselves. 

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