The App Marketing Snack with Zofia Wietecka, Senior ASO Specialist for Flo Health ⎮ Episode 9


October 13, 2022

This week’s guest is Zofia Wietecka, Senior ASO Manager for Flo Health. She’s telling us all the specificities of doing ASO for a women’s health app and her most challenging experiences. Tune in to find out!

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My name is Zofia Wietecka, I am an ASO manager at Flo Health and I have over 6 years of experience in the ASO industry. Flo is an app dedicated to women’s health, it was launched as a period and fertility tracker and has since evolved into an essential female health partner.

What are the specificities of doing ASO for an app focused on women’s health?

We’re touching quite a sensitive topic: female health, periods, people trying to conceive so we must be very careful of how we present these topics with visual assets and the wording that we use in our metadata. Also, in order to target the app information to different locales we need to keep in mind the context of how female health topics exist in specific countries and how they are perceived. So we always back our ASO choices with our internal data and research. For example, based on the data from specific locales, we decide what features we highlight in our screenshots.

What’s one thing everyone should know about ASO?

I would say: it takes time and patience and while you can rely on the best practices there’s no golden rule that applies for all apps. I would say you should always have an open mind and take advantage of Apple and Google’s new features that enable you to reach wider audiences. For example, in-app promotions exceeded our expectations in terms of reaching targeted users. Also custom product pages already proved to convert better than the default page. And test, test, test as it’s an ongoing process.

What’s an ASO mistake you often see people make?

I have 2 potential mistakes in my mind. One would be underestimating localization and assuming that English is enough. And by that I mean not only keyword optimization but also linguistic correctness for conversion and adjusting visual elements to the specific culture. And the second mistake would be neglecting visual assets and relying solely on keywords. Working on visibility is not sufficient anymore as the competition is very high. And we at Flo are constantly improving our screenshots and are aware of their power for conversion. 

Tell us about your most challenging ASO experience

When I joined Flo the app was already performing very well in terms of ASO so the challenge was how could I make it even better? Usually, from my experience, it is easier to do ASO when there’s a lot of room for improvement. So doing ASO for an app that is already advanced in the topic requires thinking out of the box and having a constantly open mind to new ideas to test.

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