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November 30, 2018

Update 2015: Ooomf has pivoted and is now Crew.

Here’s a new platform that can help you market your app and get feedback. We already talked about Ooomf on Apptamin for our blog post on how to create a free app landing page or app website. It turns out the Ooomf team is doing much more than letting app developers building landing pages and has been working to create an app discovery and participation platform. Another one you say? Well, this one is different since the idea is to let app develelopers follow a step-by-step pre-launch marketing guide and get feedback by users

Ooomf’s Story

I first heard about Ooomf when I started researching easy ways to create an app website. I was quite impressed with their website design, and even if their landing page building tool might not be the right one for every app it sure is a fast way for app developers to create an online presence.

The Montreal-based startup, that recently came out of the Founder Fuel’s accelerator program. I kept following them and decided to write a post when they launched their app discovery/participation platform back in September and got some nice attention for blogs.

Pre-Launch Marketing Step-By-Step

Since September, the startup has been releasing several features and an app is about to hit the App Store. The idea is now to get app developers through a step-by-step guide before they launch their apps, taking you from the idea to launch day.

Pre-launch marketing step by step
Follolw the path: Idea, Design, Development, Press Push, Launch.

Not very different in the concept from the great App Annie’s checklist for publishing on the Google Play Store, it is much more interactive and there are several sound advices along the way. Just for that, it’s worth it to check out the platform.

Pre-launch marketing advices
For each step: advices, asking the community and getting help

It even goes further than the advices, since you can get help (hire someone) or ask the Ooomf community for feedback.

Gauge Interest and Get Feedback for Your Apps

The fact that you can gauge interest, get feedback and involve users pre-launch reminds me of some of the main advantages (besides money) you can get by crowdfunding or crowdsourcing your app.

Pitch an app idea

One of the things you can do is submit an app idea and get feedback on it by the Ooomf community. A good way to know, along with a more thorough market research, if the idea is worth spending more time on.

Pitch an app idea in the Ooomf community
Here is what Ooomf users currently see on the desktop version

Get Feedback on Design (and more to come?)

You can ask users to tell you if they like your app icon or screenshot. Once they answer (Yes/No), they can leave you a comment to tell you more. It’s a good way to get feedback from someone else than your mom and friends.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask your Facebook fans, twitter followers or blog readers what they think too.

App icon feedback
You can ask users if they like (or not…) your icon

A few things would make the participation process even better like checking (or not displaying) the things users already gave feedback on, and allowing them to “want” the app (see below) and get notified when it is live (or when they can beta-test it). The platform is evolving rapidly, so these things (and others) might come rather soon.

Engage/Involve Users Early

You actually get more than feedback, since you expose your app branding to potential users. If they like what they’re seeing  when participating you might earn a new user, and on top of that the user will feel involved in your app.

Get Additional Exposure and Build “Followers”

Ooomf also curates hand-picked apps, both existing and coming soon. Having your app on the platform is a good way to get noticed by the team, the 2 main critierias being usefulness and quality of product experience. If your app is selected Ooomf users can then say “I want it!” and you’ll later have ways of communicating with them directly through ooomf. In all cases, they can also go to your coming soon page and subscribe to your mailing-list.

That whole “Discover” part is less visible for the moment (link at the bottom of the page, whereas it used to be in the top menu bar) but that’s what the app they’re working on will be for: giving developers exposure.

Appsfire has been exploring the coming soon ad idea for a while (where users later get notified), although here it’s a little different since the concept of Ooomf revolves around it.

App discovery
After clicking the “I want it” button, users will get notified when the app is ready. If it’s live already, they have a download button.

The platform is not perfect yet (which one is?) but I like the direction Ooomf takes to try solving the app discovery problem, both on the developers and users side, and the emphasis on pre-launch marketing. So don’t hesitate to sign up, submit your app and start participating / getting feedback.


You know of any good platform to get feedback on apps and engage users or want to share your experience with Ooomf? Leave us a comment!


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  1. We’re looking to ramp up our download count. We’ve been live since Mother’s Day this year and have released 3 updates thus far & have another great one on the way. We have no budget left so I’m curious what your service costs & what results you have? Thanks.

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