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How to Optimize Your Google Play Store App Details Page

This is a guest post by Daniel Peris, CEO of TheTool. There are tons of content about ASO in the Internet and...

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App Marketing Interview: Sam Soffes, Cheddar App

We got a chance to interview Sam Soffes from Nothing Magical, that built the Cheddar app. Sam told us more about his...

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How to Get Your App Funded Using Crowdfunding

Updated: March 25, 2016 (A lot has changed since this post was first published, read on...) If you’ve launched an app before,...

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Walker app

Funding An App On Kickstarter – Interview with the Creator of The Walker App

While writing on how to get funding for an app, we wanted to give real insight on why you'd want to do...

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Funding An App On Appbackr – Interview with Brad Mills

Brad Mills and I sat down (I was seated, not sure about Brad) to discuss Appbackr and the campaign he launched on...

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Funding An App On Appstori – Interview with one of the creators of

(The app is not available on the App Store anymore - it was sold. And Appstori doesn't exist anymore. The story...

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The App Developer’s App Store Optimization Cheat Sheets [PDF]

Updated: September 23, 2016 When I started paying close attention to SEO several years ago, I discovered a great resource on Moz called The...

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The Key Elements of Your App Marketing Website

We already covered the fact that you need to start your app marketing efforts as early as possible in order to have...

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Everything You Need To Know About Using App Promo Codes

App promo codes can help you with your app marketing, regardless you have a paid or a free app. Because a promo...

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