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August 7, 2012


We already covered the fact that you need to start your app marketing efforts as early as possible in order to have a successful launch, especially if you don’t have many ways of cross-promoting your application just yet. There are several ways and technologies available to build your app website or landing page. Whichever you choose, just make sure that you don’t forget to include any of the key elements.

The goal of your app marketing website or app landing page is to show off your app and why it is so great. You want to convince visitors and convert them into users. And just like you have to include the essentials in your App Store or Google Play Store description, you want to do it for your app website. Check out our infographic on the online presence of the Top 100 US iOS Paid apps to see what these guys are doing.

App Name and Icon

You put some thoughts in choosing your app name and you want it to be clearly visible, as well as your app icon: have visitors remember your app’s name and your icon (they might not download it right away).

Show the Device(s)

This is critical, don’t even try to innovate by not showing a device on your app marketing website! You want visitors to know straight away that you’re talking about an app, otherwise most of your website or landing page won’t even make sense. It also allows them to instantly know if they can use it, since they can identify if it’s an iOS, Android, Tablet or iPad app. You can use fixed screenshot(s) in the device(s) you showcase, or go a little further:

  • Screenshots slider: select your best screenshots, add a way for users to change the screenshot within the device and/or have them change automatically. Check out an example here.
  • Internal capture of the app: record a video of your app while using it and display it inside the device. Check out an example here.

App Pitch

You need to come up with a short sentence that will both explain what your app is and why it’s a must have. Think about what you would say to someone asking you what is your app about so he wants to know more. Try it in the real world too, you need to get that one right!

Call to Action

You can convince visitors as much as you want, if you don’t include a prominent call to action on your app website then they won’t be able to download your app. Make it “Buy the app”, “Get the app”, “Download [AppName]”. You can add this button in addition to the store badges if you want. It has to be something that calls attention and triggers an action. It can be a good idea to add it on several places of your app website.

If your app hasn’t launched yet, your call to action should be a sign-up form where visitors can subscribe to get notified as soon as the application  is published.

App Promotional Video

Besides having someone actually try the app, there is no better way to show what your app is all about than watching a trailer, demo or promo video of your mobile application. If you have the time and the skills you can do one yourself, or you can hire someone (like us!) to do it. Make sure it is rather short (try staying <1 min), and that it conveys the right message about your app and its features.

Social Proof

Just like for your app description, you want to show on your app website or landing page that other people love your app. Even better if these people or publications are well known. Make sure that you include the app awards or contests you’ve won and the fact that you’ve been featured by Apple (if it’s true!). Also add the best quotes from blog/newspapers reviews and if you don’t have enough add some great user quotes from reviews.

Key Features/Benefits & Features Screenshots

You can’t say it all in your app pitch, so make sure you list the key features/benefits of your app. Focus on the benefits for the mobile app user, and add a few words on how it works. Think about adding some more screenshots to show off how well designed your app is.

Contact Info and Support Info

It’s very important to make yourself easily reachable and display your contact information. You want users to have one or several ways to send you feedback or ask for support, so your app gets good ratings and keeps getting improved. And you also want anyone that would like to talk about your app (a blogger, a journalist) to find an easy way to contact you.

Social Media Info

You’ve been engaging users early using social media and you now have (or want to build) a community around your app? Make sure you include buttons to the social media accounts you want users to join you.

Press Kit

A press kit for your app allows you to make the essential information about your app easily available.


  • Showcase other apps: if you’ve published other apps that your users should enjoy, your app website is a good place to mention them. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to do some cross-promotion.
  • Blog: a blog is a good way to start engaging users early, to discuss topics around your app field and to improve your app website SEO.

Make it Beautiful and Clear

It’s also important to make your app website or landing page beautiful and easy to scan/read.

You now know the key elements you have to include in your next app website, or the ones you need to add on the current websites you have. Choose how you want to build it, don’t forget any of the essentials and make it sexy!

Do you believe we forgot any key element for an app website? Let us know in the comments!

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