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October 13, 2022

Enter app competitions

Part of getting exposure for your apps is entering (and winning!) contests. Although it’s always better to get the #1 spot, submitting your app to awards will give you several benefits like exposure, feedback and credibility. Which is always good for your app marketing !

Here is a list that I’ve gathered. There aren’t many awards with no submission fee, and no mandatory booth at an exhibition. This list will be updated as new awards come up so drop a line in the comments if you know of any good one.

Best App Ever Awards by

iPhone & Android apps – Submissions before the end of each year The awards were started in 2008, and here is what 148apps says about it : “The Best App Ever Awards were created to celebrate the best mobile apps and games available, as chosen by our readers. Our goal is to help gather together the very favorite apps of the real users, not just the best-selling ones”.

It has many categories, so many that I didn’t feel like counting them. It goes from Infant Apps to Cooking Apps, and now includes games.

Developers need to direct their users/followers to the website so they can nominate their app (tell them which category). If the app ends up in the final nominees, they then need to get as many people to vote for it as possible.

AppCircus competition

All App Stores – Submissions all year round AppCircus defines itself as “the global showcase of innovative apps“. It has several partners (including Mobile Monday), and have over 50 live events worldwide where developers pitch their apps. I actually discovered them at this year’s Mobile World Congress for the Mobile Premier Awards (with not even one technical problem during the event, which doesn’t happen much in my experience).

Winning your local event might give you a chance to pitch at this Mobile Premier Awards next year, so check out the Agenda !

Apple Design Awards

iOS apps – Contest starting in May

Apple has its own awards, which aims at identifying the most well-designed, state of the art and innovative apps. They usually take place at WWDC.

It seems that there is no need to submit your app anymore, Apple just picks their favorite ones.

Appsters Awards, in association with AppsWorld

All platforms –

2014 will mark the 3rd occurrence of the Appsters. They take place during the AppsWorld Exhibition in London, usually in November.

The Appsters are “a showbiz party occasion for apps industry high flyers and sharp shooters to celebrate being at the top of one of the fastest growing tech sectors on the planet”. Sounds pretty fancy, but you have nothing to loose so if you’re confident in your app you can submit it in one or several of the 12 categories. Amongst those categories: Startup App, Most Innovative App, Best Consumer App, Best Payment App, etc.

If you’re interested in attending the AppsWorld even, you can also request a Free Exhibition Registration.

Ericsson Application Awards

iOS and Android – Submission by end of February

Ericsson and a jury of experts from different companies choose the semi-finalist before awarding the prizes. There is a theme each year?

Here are the prizes for 2014:

  • 1st place: EUR 25 000
  • 2nd place: EUR 10 000
  • 3rd – 10th place: diplomas and honorary mentions

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