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May 9, 2019

Performance marketing has been moving to a more algorithmic and AI-based approach, and with App campaigns (formerly UAC), you can let machine learning and automation do the hard work. It allows you to take advantage of more channels to find and reach more valuable users so you can grow profitably.

This means that creative assets and their optimization are now becoming increasingly critical for you to leverage App campaigns.

At Google I/O today the company announced a partnership with a select group of trusted agencies to help clients manage and up-level their app ad creatives with end-to-end services, from design to reporting.

We’re excited to announce that Apptamin is one of these new Google App preferred creative partners!

The goal of this partnership is to help advertisers like you develop effective creatives that can grow your app user base with more relevant ads catering to high-value, profitable users. To do this, we work with you closely to draw insights from your creative asset reporting in order to produce new creatives across all the available formats in the Google app ads inventory, and optimize them for better performance.

Want to talk to one of our project managers so we can put together a proposal for your App campaigns creative assets? Contact us here!

Together, we implement creative best practices and learn what works for you so you can leverage App campaigns and stay ahead of the pack.

How does this work?

In short, we use data to drive optimization and create for you high-quality assets with different themes, formats (image, GIF, video) and aspect ratios. Pricing depends on the kind of assets we create for you and how many. You keep control of your campaigns, and don’t have to give us a percentage on ad spend!

Here are more details:

  • If you’re already running Google App campaigns, we start by analyzing your current creative reports to understand what you’re currently using, so we can identify opportunities for optimization and new concepts. If you’re not running any App campaigns just yet, we can offer our expertise and a competitive analysis to help get you started;
  • Based on the data from your creative reports, we will put together a free proposal for creative assets (quote, timeline, script(s) for video assets) across the spectrum of Google’s app formats and aspect ratios. Having a multitude of assets makes it more likely that your ads will be eligible for different placement across Google’s ad networks. It also enables machine learning to find the best performing asset combinations to serve as ad creatives;
  • Once you decide which creative assets to move forward with, we get to work and produce them;
  • Rinse and repeat! When you start running App campaigns with your new creative assets, we go together through your creative asset reporting so we can take concrete steps to optimize your App campaigns based on the reporting insights: we define a new proposal for iterations on what works best and new creative concepts to explore.

Google also announced some pretty exciting additions to App campaigns, which have an impact on how you use your ad creatives as a lever for both scale and control to reach users in more places across Google’s inventory, but with more tailored ads.

Because your users are not all the same, by the end of May you will be able to use Google’s newly launched App campaign ad groups to showcase to them different aspects or values of your app. Ad groups will allow you to group creative assets into various themes within a single campaign.

App campaigns ad groups

This will give you the possibility to not only cater to the goals and tastes of different users but also to better manage the creative asset combinations used.

Google’s asset reporting feature, which is available today in the Google Ads front end, will also soon give you actionable insights on asset performance at the ad group level. We can work with you and your asset reporting data to rank assets in order to decide which creative assets you should stop serving, which to maintain or iterate on, and which new creative concepts to get started!

There’s more.

You might have seen them “in the wild” already: there are new YouTube placements Google has launched recently.

  • YouTube Home feed – you are eligible to show app ads right on the YouTube homepage if you upload at least one landscape image (other aspect ratios also welcome) – no additional work needed!
    Screenshot 2019 04 22 at 18.50.21
  • YouTube Full-Canvas instream video ads – you get space below your video ad to show additional appstore information and images for a more immersive experience. You are automatically eligible to show these ads if you upload a video.Screenshot 2019 04 22 at 18.50.33

As a trusted partner, we are now working with Google to help you develop and optimize best-in-class assets. With creative assets across the entire spectrum of Google’s app formats, insights from creative reporting as well as our expertise, we’re here to help you run successful App campaigns.

Check out our guide on App campaigns creative assets if you want to learn more.

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