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7 Shortcuts to Finding the Best App Social Media Influencers

In app marketing, you cannot rely on just one strategy. Establishing a relationship with the top social media influencers in your niche...

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iOS 7 Wrap Up – Staying Ahead Of The Game

Every WWDC, it's the same thing: rumors spread ahead of time and then everybody has an opinion on what a failure/success it...

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App Marketing Interview: Sam Soffes, Cheddar App

We got a chance to interview Sam Soffes from Nothing Magical, that built the Cheddar app. Sam told us more about his...

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[Infographic] App Websites and App Trailer Videos in Top 100 Paid iOS Apps

With more than 700,000 apps on the App Store, being noticed is getting tough. It’s now often said that the development part...

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The Key Elements of Your App Marketing Website

We already covered the fact that you need to start your app marketing efforts as early as possible in order to have...

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Everything You Need To Know About Using App Promo Codes

App promo codes can help you with your app marketing, regardless you have a paid or a free app. Because a promo...

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App Store Optimization (ASO): App Screenshots That Sell

Doing App Store Optimization well is about all the elements of your app store page. Along with your app description and your app...

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How To Create A Free App Landing Page Or App Website?

In a previous post, we showed you why you need an online space for your app other than the ones Google and...

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App Awards and Contests to Promote your App

Part of getting exposure for your apps is entering (and winning!) contests. Although it's always better to get the #1 spot, submitting...

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