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Success Story

Audio Evolution Mobile app

“About 20% increase in conversion with the video for the free version.
I’m impressed with your services and results!”

Davy Wentzler
CEO @extream Software Development

Our Approach

Already the most downloaded DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on Android, thanks to their unique drivers, Audio Evolution Mobile came to us asking for a state of the art video that could help them break into the iOS market as well. The video is also used on the Google Play Store, where it increased conversion by 20%.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Website, Google Play Store & iOS promo video
Length: 60s
Style: Live action
Account Manager: Elia

With the iOS app just out of development, AEM’s CEO contacted us for a video showing not only the main features of the app but also the great advantage it offers when composing electronic or other music on the go, in this mobile world of ours.

Compose your track in one day. We decided to follow an electronic music artist with an entire camera and sound recording crew during one day while he would be recording sounds and arranging them using the app. Honest showcasing true to the product.

To further demonstrate the absolute freedom an artist has when recording using his tablet, we shot on different locations, both inside and outside, mixing the use of sampling, virtual instruments and full blown recording, all done directly through the app.

Shot entirely with the ARRI Alexa Mini, the crisp images and bright, perfectly balanced colors complete this video which is part promo video, part explainer and part video clip.

Working with custom made soundtracks is also definitely something we look forward to including in our videos more often in the future!

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