Clash of Lords 2

Success Story

Our Approach

We had already worked with IGG (I Got Games) on the Castle Clash and Clash of Mafias videos and were excited when they trusted us again with the videos for their new game Clash of Lords 2. Clash of Lords 2 is a real-time strategy and tower defense game. We worked on a 37s video for the Google Play Store (almost 5 million views and counting) and a 20s version for video ad networks.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Google Play Store & 20s video ad
Length: 38s
Style: Animation

We started off with the full version of the video. IGG had some really cool visual assets for the game. They had a couple of 3D assets for some characters, as well as several 2D ones. Along with that, they had a few background assets.

With all this, we were able to put together a script with IGG where we’d show cool battle gameplay, a lot of the characters from the game, and some nice 3D animations towards the beginning and end. The next step was to create and send the visuals for the main scenes of the video just to make sure we were on the same page as to how the text screens would look, which backgrounds we’d use and how we’d display the gameplay.

Because the game is on both iOS and Android we created a custom frame inside which we showed the gameplay, in order to make it device agnostic…And to allow for the simple interchange of badges at the end for different versions.

Our motion graphics designer did a great job composing with the assets we could get (some not ideal – flattened or with missing parts) to create 2.5D backgrounds (like the cave background around 0:10) or animate the 3D models. Adding a few visual effects and smoke helped!

For branding purposes, IGG wanted a brief logo apparition at the beginning. A movie trailer style voice over then starts while we show the first battles. And a few text interstitials are here to complete the message and make sure the video could work without song.

All along the video is a cinematic background music, with added sound effects. It complements the deep voice over and helps give the video that “hero” atmosphere, so the potential gamer can already picture himself in charge of his army.

While the full version was being produced, we started working on the 20s script for the video ad version. With a slightly faster pace, it keeps the main battles gameplay (shown quickly one after the other) as well as the 3D animation that help make it even more visually appealing.

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