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PlaySimple is a game studio focused on fun and casual games. For their user acquisition on the Chartboost video ad network, PlaySimple needed a 30s video to run campaigns for their word game, WordTrek. The campaign was targeted mainly at English speaking females around 25. The goal was to produce a catchy video that would appeal to this audience and convey how fun and exciting the game is.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Mobile video ad
Length: 30s
Style: Live action (packshot)

PlaySimple already had a couple of videos using animation and were interested in trying out something with live action. Because the game can be played in pretty much any context, our packshot format (showing only hands interacting with the device) seemed like a good fit.

The WordTrek game has some pretty cool little animal characters in it, representing the different levels. To add a playful aspect to the video it was therefore decided to integrate those visual assets. This is done mostly in the intro scene, where after a brief icon introduction, we see the creatures on the screen. This theme is carried throughout the video.

A lot of video ads are watched without sound or with a low-volume sound, and the rather playful captions help point out the main aspects of the game. They indicate the puzzle level, highlight words to be found and point to the wheel that allows you to multiply your points.

The game is fun to play and pretty addicting. An unlocked version of the game provided by the developer allowed us to access any levels, which was a huge help. We were also able to work with the developer to predict which words would come up, which came in handy at the time of the shoot!

As for the soundtrack, we found a dynamic and cheerful music to which we added a few sound effects from the game in order to emphasize the key actions.

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