Jurassic World : The game

Success Story

Ludia Frank

“We work with big brand licenses and wouldn’t trust any other
company to produce our videos. Thanks Apptamin.”

Frank Colubriale
Director, Brand & Creative Services @Ludia

Our Approach

In order to promote the launch of the Jurassic World game, Ludia contacted us to create several videos: app store videos as well as several video ads.
The video ads led to a 26% lower effective CPM and 36% lower cost per daily active users than the photo ads previously used, making this app install campaigns a Facebook success story.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: YouTube, iPhone App Previews & Video ads
Length: 30-58 seconds
Style: Animation

This is the first project of many we worked on with Ludia. They contacted us before the release of the game, with a very tight deadline to make it happen.

The main video for this project was a 58 seconds game trailer. It presents the game with a combination of exciting 3D gameplay footage and polished text screens.

The gameplay footage was carefully chosen so the most exciting dinosaurs and battles would be showcased. For the text screens we used different textures and light effects, inspired from the game logo and gameplay. The copy arrives with a dynamic, earth-shaking effect. Having these text screens allows the video to be easily understood with the sound off. This is always something we keep in mind, especially when shorter versions are created for Facebook video ads.

For users with the sound on, a powerful voice over gives more context about the game’s background story and goals. The video also has an “epic” soundtrack that adds a dramatic effect.

After a frightening T-rex scream, the video ends on a strong call to action with the “Hatch. Evolve. Battle” tagline.

Out of this video were also created shorter iPad and iPhone App Preview videos and video ads. With following updates like the addition of the Aquatics world, we produced some video ads for remarketing as well.

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