Hollywood Story

Success Story

“Our account manager is friendly and very professional (cannot stress this enough).
We are very happy with her and the end product.”

Nikola Stolnik
Head of Marketing @Nanobit

Our Approach

Having never worked with us before, Nanobit was considering several different creative agencies. We were especially excited when they chose our proposal. The brief was to produce a 30s promo video (serving as a video ad as well) for the Hollywood Story game that would include both game play and live actions.


App: iOS & Android
Channels: Google Play Store & Video ad
Length: 30s
Style: Live action video (on-location / studio)
Account Manager: Sabrina

We suggested to shoot live actions directly inspired from the game to allow the audience to identify with the game’s characters. This technique really engages the audience… and allows them to dream!

We decided to shoot very short live scenes (5s each) to give an energetic rhythm to the video and to catch the audience’s attention too. The idea was to show the “real” character evolving in her life and becoming a rising star like it happens in the game – in chronological order. This is again a good way of engaging the audience, and helps understand how the game works.

In terms of style, we wanted to stick to the game’s theme: colorful environments, trendy outfits, classy hairstyles and makeup. We wanted to be as close as possible to the game’s atmosphere, so we looked for the same outfits as the game and asked our super crew of makeup artist and hairdresser to create the best looks ever! We also found a vintage American bus (see photos below) to perfectly match with the opening scene of the game. Except this scene, we shot the whole project in our studio, and turned it into a Hollywood one…

We had loads of fun shooting this project and are really looking forward to shooting new ones like this!

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Hollywood Story

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