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“Wow, what a fabulous job on this video. Way beyond our expectations!”

Marketing Manager @Chimpkey

Our Approach

ChimpKey is a mobile app that makes it possible to search for and send Internet media directly from your keyboard. They approached us to create videos to promote their new app on various stores and platforms. The challenge we faced was to create a live action video in our studio with a funny side to it to go along with their tagline “Texting has evolved”.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Google Play Store & Website
Length: 43s / 71s
Style: Live action video (studio)
Account Manager: Anastasia

After a few brainstorming sessions and several cups of coffee, (along with the client) we decided to present the challenges of texting and how it has progressed through time.
We needed to find a talented actor that could play three different roles.

He had to be very expressive because we wanted to focus on his facial expressions. Thanks to our regular casting auditions, we were able to quickly find the perfect fit for this video.

We wanted to show the actor’s hands presenting ChimpKey’s features in various situations throughout human evolution. We set up 3 different background environments to create a jungle, a cave and a vintage study. It was important that they look realistic. This is why we created a 3D feel background by using a green screen and including real objects.

In addition to a slightly suspenseful melody, we added a few sound effects (SFX) intended to accompany the keyboard actions and to create the right atmosphere for each scene.

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