Success Story

“We saw a 15% boost in Google Play store conversions after implementing the animation video you guys made for us in the Google Play store.”

Brant Cebulla
Marketing Manager @Vivino

Our Approach

As part of their user acquisition strategy, Vivino contacted us to produce a video that would showcase the 3 main features of the app: choosing a wine, remembering wines and buying wines. The challenge was to produce a 60s video that would be flexible enough to be divisible into different 15s ones. It also had to be understandable and appealing to an international audience. The Play Store video led to a 15% increase in conversion, and the campaign done with the video ads has been their most successful so far.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Google Play Store & 15s video ads
Length: 60s
Style: Animation
Localizations: Portuguese, Spanish, German, French
Account Manager: Sabrina

After brainstorming different options, a video in custom animation seemed the most suitable solution to show the benefits provided by Vivino to wine drinkers. Our idea was to tell a story, and custom animation is one of the most relevant video styles for this purpose: this style allows for flexibility and many creative options!

We wanted to create short scenes that every wine drinker could encounter in their daily life when choosing a wine. Each scene takes place in a specific environment: a bottle shop/ supermarket, a restaurant and a dinner with friends.

The benefit of having 3 different environments is that they can be divided in 3 single videos, as requested by the client. We decided to only show a set of hands in the whole video, no face, no full-length character – in a subjective camera style – to give the audience the impression that they were starring in the video.

The video finishes by recapitulating the benefits of downloading and using Vivino and shows the app as a life partner.

In terms of style, we gave a vintage yet classy style to the video, to match with some of Vivino’s recent online branding. We thought that this retro look was cool and original, pretty different from what has been done before. A bouncy jazz music track was an obvious choice to give the video a retro and energetic feel.

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