Hot Shot Slots

Success Story

Our Approach

The Hot Shot Slots game was initially available only on Facebook. Very quickly, it became a huge hit online and that is when Scientific Games approached us to create a high level overview video of the game. The objective was to announce that the game is available on the mobile app stores.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Facebook ads
Length: 30s
Style: Animation
Account Manager: Anastasia

With the provided game’s assets and artwork, we were able to create and animate various backgrounds and characters as well as create various fun scene transitions.

Since the video announces to the world that the game is finally available on mobile, right from the beginning it was essential to show some gameplay inserted in a device’s frame. Another important aspect was to present featured in-game characters and some of the most popular and favorite slot machine games.

The sound effects we added bring even more excitement to the video. The fire animation and the coins popping out make the video dynamic, and go well with the app theme (the “Hot Shot” in “Hot Shot Slots”!).

For this project, we provided Scientific Games the source files (at an extra fee) so they could make some changes at a later time (badges, removing the coming soon part, etc.).

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