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Our Approach

eMeals approached us to produce a promotional video for their website, explaining what the app has to offer. The eMeals app provides you with a wide selection of meal plans from which you can choose the ones you like the most based on your eating style and family size. You receive weekly recipes, shopping lists and can order online from your favorite grocery stores. eMeals makes meal planning simple!

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Website
Length: 60s
Style: Live action video (packshot)
Account Manager: Mathilde

We suggested that the video include live actions in a realistic environment to allow the audience to better relate to the topic.

Our first idea was to set out the problem in the introduction, throughout stock footages and with the help of the voice over. Thanks to the stock footages we could have shown several actors and their emotions while staying within the client’s budget. Then, we would have made a transition to the packshot scenes showing real hands interacting with the app on a device.

After consideration, we chose to directly get into the heart of the topic. We kept it simple by showing the packshot scenes only and exposing the eMeals’ main benefits right at the beginning: save time and eat healthy.

For our live action packshot videos, we offer several backgrounds categorized by topics (Kitchen, Travel, Fashion, Office, Festive, etc.) from which our clients can choose or we can create custom ones, too. Obviously, we needed a kitchen background here, preferably with fresh vegetables, to create a healthy atmosphere. We opted for a pleasant and charming female voice-over to tell the story and match with the inspiring visuals.

A few months after the video was delivered eMeals got back to us to update the video with a new feature they were about to release. It is quite challenging to add a scene to a live action video without having to reshoot. Luckily, the feature was quick to explain and we were able to reuse some captures from the packshot and insert the new in-app content on top in post-production.

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