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Our Approach

STYR Labs brings innovation in the supplement space by providing an ecosystem with connected devices/wearables, an app and customized supplements based on your needs. They approached us before their launch so we could produce several live action videos presenting their 3 products: Activity Band and Vitamins, Smart Bottle and Electrolytes, Wireless Scale and Proteins.

App: iOS & Android
Channels: Website & PR
Length: 90s
Style: Live action (on-location)

The 3 products are all different and have distinct use cases, but the concept remains the same: tracking to better customize.

That’s why producing 3 different videos while keeping the same global structure for the scenario made sense. It allows you to quickly grasps what each product has to offer you, even after you watched just one of the videos.

To define the use cases, we took input from STYR Labs who had a clear vision of how and in which situations their customers will use the products: jogging for the vitamins, fitness/crossfit for the proteins and yoga for the electrolytes.

The tracking aspect was something we needed to portray. The use of motion graphics allowed us to overlay tracking information on top of the live action video, not interrupting the flow of the video yet making it clear that the product tracks performance. Motion graphics also helped illustrate that the vitamins solution was carefully crafted by displaying a specific formula.

To illustrate the daily efforts of the runner, we showed him in different outfits in between the indoor shots. He also progresses in various environments, as if each run brings him closer to his goal. The use of slow motion, for which we used a RED camera, both helps make the video more appealing (nicer shots, rhythm) and brings focus to specific parts.

One of the challenges we ran into was that the app was still being developed and tweaked at the time of the shoot. We therefore took shots of the device with a green screen inside, and replaced the footage later on once we had the updated version of the app.

A packshot of the different products at the end of the video shows that STYR Labs provides a whole ecosystem.

With a tight deadline for the shoot, we were able to deliver on time and the video was featured on TechCrunch and the STYR Labs website. We later produced a “combo” video, presenting all 3 products as part of one platform.

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