Success Story

Our Approach

Changyou contacted us to create a 30s and 22s video for one of their game, Tapstorm trials. Tapstorm trials is a game in a magical world from hordes of crazy monsters and gold rush. For their campaign on Facebook, they were looking for something different from mainstream animation game trailers. They first gave us the liberty to come up with a striking scenario and we worked together to come up with a final script.

App: Android
Channels: Facebook
Length: 30s & 22s
Style: Live Action video (studio) and Animation
Account Manager: Joëlle

While playing the game, we had this in mind: have you ever wanted to break things around you when you are stressed out? Why do people play games? Most of the time because they want to relax. So, this is the main idea driving our video: convey in a playful way that playing Tapstorm trials by tapping helps to soothe the stress away.

For a Facebook video campaign, the first 3 seconds are crucial. They have to be the most impactful possible since they play the role of capturing the audience’s attention. That’s why we decided to have a baseball bat hitting hard on a flower pot that breaks into pieces.

The brick wall background is meant to remind the american-style loft that perfectly pairs with the baseball bat.

We chose to have the whole scene in slow-motion from different angles in order to create more impact and then comes the text and voiceover: “You know. There are other ways to relax”.

One of our concern? Looking for the perfect vase to explode with a baseball bat! Not kidding – we really wanted the fragments to look great on screen.

Changyou wanted to showcase some game play captures. This is why we came up with a script with both live action video and animation. We’ve included some game captures and a live video scene in which a person is playing the game. He plays by making really fast fingers movements which makes the stress soothe away.

We want to tell the potential player “Don’t get mad, get tapping”. In the final scene, the player feels good and waters the surviving flower in the re-built pot.

In order to reflect the character’s emotions throughout the video, we used and combined different music tracks.

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