How To Create A Free App Landing Page Or App Website?

I explained in a previous post why you need an online space for your app other than the ones Google and Apple give you, and why you should create your app website as early as you can. But what is the best way to build it? Is it better to create a mobile app landing page or a full mobile app website?

In this post I’ll talk about the tools I like the best. It might be a little crazy (plain stupid?) to talk about alternatives to what Apptamin has to offer but we think that our tools can hold their own (we wouldn’t build them otherwise) and that it’s best to lay out the options out there and let you decide what best fits your app needs.

App landing page

Some people advocate that an app website is not made to engage users, and that a blog is not needed. I believe it depends on what app you’re working on, and if you decide you “only” need a landing page, then the two following tools might just be perfect for you. I would strongly advise to use the custom domain name option.

Unbounce Mobile app template


Unbouce landing page editing

Unbounce is a landing page platform. That’s what they do, and they do it really well. They partnered up with a talented designer, Jen Gordon, to offer a mobile app landing page template. Basically, you can have a stunning landing page in hours without any coding knowledge using their great back-office. All the key elements for your mobile app landing page are included: app name, clear call to action, app features, app promo video placeholder, app screenshots, user/blog reviews and contact info. You can also A/B test a lot of things easily, which can be great to improve your conversion rate.

Unbounce is not totally free though (I know, I lied in the title) and the Standard price is $50/month (with a 2,500 unique visitors limit per month, which is really not that much). You can have an unbounce landing page for free with a 200 unique visitors limit and 1 custom domain name.



Ooomf landing page options

Ooomf launched a couple of weeks ago, is free and offers great-looking app landing pages. As I write this article, they offer 5 iPhone app landing page templates. The templates are pretty simple and I believe they are missing a lot of the key elements required for an app website or landing page but the design is neat (and it’s free, right?). Not many options so the administration is really simple. I will definitely be watching closely ooomf as they iterate on their product.

Some other tools

If you want something really simple, you can also check out Smore that allow you to create an “online flyer” and has some app templates. Another resource is presskit(), which lets game developers create a detailed press kit easily that they can use when reaching out to bloggers for example.

App Website / Blog

You feel like an app landing page is not really enough, you’d like to have additional pages? You’d like a blog to engage users and create content for SEO purposes from the very beginning? You can of course build your app website from scratch or use a HTML template, but I strongly recommend you take advantage of the best blog/cms platform out there: WordPress.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is a really powerful tool that will allow you to have a full app website and blog, with almost no restrictions to what you can achieve. WordPress is easy to set up on your own server (if I was able to do it, you can too), and it does require a little time to get it but the wordpress community is very large and once you’ve mastered it you’ll be able to create new app websites really quickly.

There are several wordpress themes available on platforms like ThemeForest or provided by wordpress themes companies. Some or pretty good, some were clearly made in a hurry and without taking into account what elements should be in an app website to sell more apps.

app website

Apptamin-a Options Panel

At Apptamin we decided to focus on app developers and app companies’ needs. We put our sweat and tears (ok, no tears) in creating app websites wordpress themes that are easily customizable with or without coding knowledge and can include all the key elements to sell more apps while taking advantage of the power of WordPress and its plugins. A theme options panel let you define many things, from which platform your app is available on to colors, and widgets give you complete flexibility on your app website copy and what you want to display.

What about you? How do you usually create your app website or app landing page and why? We’d be glad to hear your thoughts and get some feedback on our own tools!

11 June,2014
abileweb15 5pts

GeekApp is a Creative App Landing page based on bootstrap framework. Perfect mobile app showcase for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. By zozo shortcode generators you can customize easily to suit your wishes as all files are well commented, also it was 100% mobile responsive design to perfect look on any devices.

Hiren Bhatt
Hiren Bhatt 5pts

Hi Sylvain, I hope you remember me! In my opinion the best and absolutely free landing page would be 'Blogger' from Google. I have done it for my apps Winmail File Viewer and 7Zipper, and it works great!

James Sandberg
James Sandberg 5pts

Hi Sylvain. Your post is really helpful and I agree that apps should definitely have their own separate web presence... especially now that the app stores are getting so crowded. it's a nice way of getting apps to get more exposure. Thanks for the post. I'll be looking into Unbounce. Cheers!

John 5pts

Good post. Unbounce and Ooomf are not the only players in that game: there is also that has some pretty good tools.

Stephanie 5pts

Thanks for the article Sylvain. ooomf appreciates it.


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