Mobile Video Monthly #10 July 2019: FB feed ad aspect ratio, Play Store autoplay videos

Mobile Video Monthly

September 3, 2019

We’re back with a new Mobile Video Monthly, where we discuss the changes and trends regarding video in the mobile app space. It can be news about ASO, UA or other ways video can be leveraged by developers and publishers.

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IGTV changes leading to future new ad possibilities? – July 10

IGTV hasn’t generated the growth and engagement expected just yet, but two main changes over the last few months have been making it more appealing to content creators:

  • Content creators have been able to publish 1mn preview videos to their Instagram feeds;
  • Instagram started allowing creators to publish horizontal videos on IGTV.

It seems that these changes have helped get YouTube creators to also publish on IGTV, which would eventually lead to a new channel Instagram could monetize.

Smaller aspect ratios for video on Facebook feed ad – July 19

Facebook announced on its business blog that starting August 19th the Facebook feed ad format changes.

The two main changes are that advertisers get fewer lines of text but also that the maximum portrait aspect ratio (without the creative being cropped) becomes portrait 4:5.

pasted image 0

Up until now, advertisers could leverage ad creatives in portrait 2:3 to maximize screen real estate for their Facebook feed ads (making it the go-to-ratio). This change brings more uniformity between Facebook and Instagram feed ads, since the aspect ratio was always limited to portrait 4:5 on Instagram.

For some advertisers this change might require some serious efforts if they were mostly targeting Facebook ads, and for some it will be “just” a matter of pulling out their portrait 2:3 creatives.

Here are our recommendations if you’re advertising across the Facebook inventory:

  • Feed ads – portrait 4:5
  • Story ads – portrait 9:16
  • Facebook Audience Network – landscape 16:9 and portrait 9:16

Head over here for all of Facebook aspect ratio requirements.

Autoplay video ads in the Google Play Store – July 26

It looks like in Google Play 16.0.15 the “suggested apps” video ads will start appearing higher in the feed, and might will most likely be autoplaying as well.

This would make this already prime placement even more interesting. As a remainder, advertisers need to go through Google App campaigns (formerly UAC).

Users will be able to disable autoplay.

Play Store Autoplay

There is no information showing that all videos (meaning also promo videos) will now be autoplaying.

That’s it for this month! Have we missed anything important related to mobile video? If so let us know in the comments below!

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