Mobile Video Monthly #7 April 2019: iPhone X App Previews, Snap Audience Network & More

Mobile Video Monthly

May 9, 2019

Here is another Mobile Video Monthly, where we discuss the changes and trends regarding video in the mobile app space. Weather it’s App Store Optimization, advertising or other ways video can be leveraged by developers and publishers.

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Before we jump into last month’s mobile video news, let’s talk about a more recent news: we’re now one of the trusted Google creative partners for App campaigns. In that post you’ll also learn about some new YouTube ad formats via App campaigns, as well as an upcoming Ad Group feature!

Snap Audience Network and other Partner Summit Announcements – April 4

At the company’s Partner Summit Snap announced Snap Kit, a combination of features that you can integrate into your apps to enable your users to share app content to Snapchat, login with Snapchat or create Snapchat Stories on your platform.

Something else that developers can integrate into their apps in order to monetize: Snap Ads, with the Snap Audience Network. The ad format remains the same as on Snapchat, with portrait videos in a 9:16 ratio.

Below is a video of the different announcements, with examples of integration within other apps.

Here is an interesting post from Eric Seufert on Mobile Dev Memo regarding the news and if Snap can make an Audience Network work. One of the questions raised is the following: if the ad format is the same as on Snap Ad (vertical video), how will that translate in a landscape app or game?

We’d expect the Ads to then display App Store info on the side, much like Google had been displaying App Store info below a landscape video when users view the ad in portrait orientation.

A “new” new Google Play Store layout coming up? – April 5

Ilia Kulharev from the AppFollow team noticed that Google was A/B testing a new Play Store layout, which is in fact very similar to the “old” one (the one before the new redesign).

Google Play Store Layout 300
The new “new” design for the App Store listing?

In the image he shared, we can see that in this A/B test from Google the feature graphic (and overlaid play button) are back at the top of the listing. The short description is above the screenshots, screenshots seem bigger and there is also a bookmark button.

Other people have spotted this, especially in smaller countries. We’ll see if Google rolls it out everywhere!

Use iPhone X footage in iPhone X App Previews – April 9

It looks like Apple is now requiring iPhone X App Previews to use only iPhone X app footage.

iPhone X App Preview
A message from Apple

Previously using “regular” iPhone footage in an iPhone X App Preview had not been an issue and was a way to both save on costs and display “wider” (more visible) app footage for landscape videos showcasing a portrait app.

The same thing most likely applies to iPad App Previews.

Apple banning (some) offerwalls that incentivized rewards for app downloads (and rewarded videos? )- April 19

Developers shared in a Reddit thread that Apple has taken out apps with offerwalls. Pocket Gamers says it affects ad companies like Tapjoy, Fyber, IronSource and the developers/publishers that use them.

If this becomes systematic over the next few weeks, it might be a significant blow to developers monetizing through ads or even just rewarded videos as well as for developers looking to acquire new users that way.

Snap Audience Network and other Partner Summit Announcements – April 26

More Snapchat news.

The company launched several original shows last fall for its Discover content section, and announced that it will launch 8 new ones at their Partner Summit.

The goal is to get more people to spend time in the app, and of course to monetize them. With Snap Select, advertisers can run “brand safe” non-skippable six-second commercials for premium shows, including the Snap Originals as well as sports.

This is very similar to what Facebook introduced with Showcase back in February.

Twitter partners with media companies to attract video advertisers – April 30

Very similar news from Twitter, who announced content deals with several news and entertainment organizations.

More than half of Twitter’s ad revenue already comes from video, and with the addition of this original content the company will let advertisers reach even more users.

That’s it for the biggest mobile video news of last month. Let us know if we missed anything!

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