Mobile Video Monthly #11 August 2019: Play Store redesign and store listing videos autoplaying

Mobile Video Monthly

September 3, 2019

We’re back with another Mobile Video Monthly, where we discuss the changes and trends regarding video in the mobile app space. It can be news about ASO, UA or other ways video can be leveraged by developers and publishers

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Google Play Store Re-design – all screenshots and play store feature graphic are now the same height – August 21

Another change with this Play Store re-design is that screenshots on all Play Store listings are now given the same height.

Previously, different sizes of screenshots (or presence of a video and therefore the Play Store feature graphic) would result screenshot galleries displayed with different heights depending on the apps.

Play Store Listing Screenshots 1Play Store Listing with Video 1

Screenshots and the feature graphic are now displayed smaller than ever, making it crucial to use large copy. Even with the play store videos soon autoplaying (see the last news), do not neglect the feature graphic as we can still expect it to be displayed shortly (like the poster frame on iOS).

Google Play Store Re-design – videos for suggested app and ads already playing in-app – August 21

Google has rolled out the re-design of the Play Store, aligning with Material design language.

Some videos are already playing in-app are the ones for app featured (like Mario Kart below) or the Play Store ads (below as well). But all videos will soon be auto playing in-app (see the last news on this page)!

New six-seconds bidding option for Twitter video ads – August 22

Interesting move on Twitter’s side: they now give advertisers a new bid unit for Twitter video ads where they are only charged when the ads are viewed for 6 seconds at all and with a 50% of the ad in view.

This bid unit is his bid is globally available on Promoted Video, In-stream Video Sponsorships, and In-stream Video Ads for assets 15 seconds or less in length. This comes at a time where short-form creatives perform better on most platforms and should push more advertisers to keep that in mind.

Back-to-back Instagram Stories ads – August 29

Facebook is going to test showing two Stories ads in a row (from different brands) to users, with the hope that it reduces the perceived ad load.

Play Store listing videos soon autoplaying – August 29

Google updated the promo video section of their advices on graphic assets, screenshots and video to announce that Google Play will soon start autoplaying store listing videos! Google mentions that this is happening “beginning September 2019”.

It has also notified developers in the developer console to remove ads on their Play Store promo video: you don’t want to confuse users with ads on your listing.

promo video autoplay

This is huge, as the user experience for playing videos on the Play Store was previously really bad.

It also means that it’s going to become crucial to start your videos very strong, just like for iOS App Previews.

Play Store videos are now going to be displayed fairly small since they are autoplaying, so again any copy or UI shown need to be large enough (zoom-ins are highly recommended).

Did we miss any big news related to mobile video for March? If so, let us know in the comments!

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