Mobile Video Monthly #2 November 2018: Pinterest ads expand, AMP Story Ads and more!

Mobile Video Monthly

December 4, 2018

In this Mobile Video Monthly-series we discuss the biggest news, changes, findings and trends when it comes to video in the mobile app space. This can be related to app store videos, user acquisition videos or other types of videos developers and publishers leverage (or will soon be able to leverage) to promote their apps.

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15s TV spots working as well or better than 30s? – November 1

A very thorough GroupM report called “The State of Video” was published this month (to download the free report, click on the tiny PDF icon on the left). It shares detailed insights on consumer video consumption, the TV and digital landscape as well as video advertising.

It comments the Linear TV decline (but sustained advertiser demand!), the evolution of advertising measurement/attribution and the major digital players (Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and YouTube).

One of the many insights is the result of a study by Nielsen on 80 tv ad campaigns, that showed 15 seconds TV ads perform better than many 30 seconds TV ads across a number of criteria. This proved true especially for simpler messages.

Nielsen TV Ad 30 vs 15

Here is a write up by Nielsen on that specific study.

Pinterest Ads launch in France, now available in 7 countries – November 7

Pinterest expands its advertising offer to France, and is now in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

With the introduction of Promoted Video ads (promoted video pins), Pinterest has been helping brands stand out in users’ feed.

A few creative recommendations by Pinterest:

  • Use a portrait 2:3 ratio for images and videos
  • Show your product front and center
  • Show the context in which your product is used
  • Include your logo, subtly
  • Add text overlay to tell your story

Google rolls out Story Ads for Accelerated Mobile Pages – November 14

No need to reinvent the wheel when a format proves to be successful: Google just launched Story Ads. Like you would expect, they are full screen vertical video ads that appear within the AMP stories launched previously.

These Story Ads are shown only once they are fully loaded and therefore have 100% viewability. You can also have a call to action button included, and Story Ads could therefore be used for app install ads. AMP already has 100+ ad network integrations.

Check out some more examples of AMP Story Ads here.

YouTube tests multiple pre-roll ads to minimise disruptions – November 21

In an effort to increase the viewing experience of longer-form content, YouTube is rolling out multiple pre-roll ads. Basically users might see 2 short ads before their content starts, and then less ad interruptions when actually watching their content.

YouTube multiple pre roll ads

YouTube to provide ad-supported premium content free to all users by 2020 – November 29

YouTube plans to make all its premium content free and supported by ads by 2020, which seems to tie in perfectly with the news above.

This will give advertisers even more opportunities to reach YouTube’s huge audience.

YouTube is rolling out its Instagram-like Stories feature to more creators – November 29

YouTube again for this last news.

YouTube Stories were launched in November 2017 and introduced a feature very similar to Instagram Stories to the YouTube mobile app for select content creators.

This feature will now be available to any creator with 10,000 subscribers. With this new format (and given what Google just announced with Amp Story Ads) we can soon expect YouTube to introduce YouTube Stories Ads. More short vertical ad videos to come!

Google Play Store pre-registrations now public – November 30

Great news for developers: the pre-registration program for Android apps is now available to everyone. If you haven’t heard of it, it is very similar to the Apple Pre-order program:

  • Upload your game or app APK;
  • Select the country in which you’d like to open pre-registrations;
  • You then have a 90 days window to launch it.

Users that pre-register are then notified when the app is launched and can go install it. Apple Pre-orders automatically download, and it seems this is not the case here.

Play Store pre-registration
How pre-registration apps display on the Play Store

Why is this connected to video? Well, with the app not available yet your promo video on the Google Play Store is the best way to showcase your game or app.

See some pre-registration examples here (a lot of apps have a video) and more information about the program here.


That’s it for this month. Have we missed anything important related to mobile video? If so let us know in the comments below!


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