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How To Create A Free App Landing Page Or App Website?

In a previous post, we showed you why you need an online space for your app other than the ones Google and...

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How to Design a Great App Icon for App Store Optimization?

An optimized app icon is a critical part of your App Store Optimization (check out all our best ASO resources here. With...

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Why You Should Have A Press Kit For Your App Marketing

We'll talk more another time about the press page you can (should ?) have on your app's website, and today it's all...

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Create Your App Website Before Your First Line Of Code

If you're serious about your app, the question is not really whether or not to have a dedicated app website (or app site)...

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App Awards and Contests to Promote your App

Part of getting exposure for your apps is entering (and winning!) contests. Although it's always better to get the #1 spot, submitting...

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Welcome To The Apptamin App Marketing Blog!

Welcome to the Apptamin App Marketing Blog! The idea of this blog is not to focus on our services (that's what our...

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